Remainers’ Brexit denial will see Nigel Farage burst Westminster bubble in next General Election


THE Westminster bubble was fit to pop with excitement as the ­European election results came in.

Pro-Leavers flocked to the TV studios to tell us what a great win it was for them which, the Scottish sea of SNP yellow aside, was at least backed up by the sight of Brexit — not Tory — blue slowly spreading across the majority of England and Wales.

Nigel Farage calls claims on GMB that Remainer parties won EU polls ‘absolute tosh’

Yet another undeniable mandate to get on with leaving the EU, you might think.

But no. Along came the pro-Remainers to tell anyone who’d listen that, actually, it was a great night for them because if you add up the votes cast for all the other parties, it’s a clear sign that half of the country want to remain in the EU.

No madam, you’re not on drugs. You heard/read that correctly.

If you voted for the Brexit Party, you were doing so on a clear single issue. But if you voted for the Green Party, you might have been doing so because your main concern is climate change.

Equally, there are plenty of die-hard socialists who are Brexit-leaning but would still vote for Labour if its leader was saying rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb. Which he pretty much is.

Yet pro-Remainers have seen fit to ignore this inconvenient truth — as well as this inconvenient map of colour-coding — and fudge the results so they can carry on with their “Stop Brexit” business as usual.

As dawn broke, the BBC remembered that it was a public service broadcaster and thought it had better ask a couple of ordinary people what they think about it all. So a reporter trotted off to an early-morning car boot sale in Sutton Coldfield to ask sellers and punters their thoughts on this momentous occasion.

The first, slightly startled woman to have the mic thrust in her direction replied that she didn’t even know the European elections were taking place.

How’s that for a reality check?

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party cleaned up at the European Parliament elections last week
Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party (turquoise) cleaned up at last week’s European Parliament elections

Another, bargain hunter “Lorraine”, said: “Well, to be honest, I used to be really into politics and voting and think that it was really, really important, because you can’t moan about what’s going on in the country if you don’t vote.

“But since what’s happened with the elections and Brexit . . . we voted for what we wanted, we were passionate about it, and nothing has happened.”

She was interrupted to go to a weather bulletin that, rather appropriately, predicted a day of cloud.


Well, Lorraine, all I can say is, gird your loins for a summer of yet more prevarication, obfuscation and hair-tearing frustration as the Tory leadership hopefuls (plenty of whom the public would struggle to identify) make policy promises none of us think they’ll keep and Labour bigwigs start plotting to bring down their fence-sitting leader.

When we come back from our summer holiday in France or Spain (yes, we still love Europe, just not the EU) chances are they’ll all still be bickering among themselves and the second clear mandate for Brexit will be all but forgotten.

Leaving political disrupter Nigel Farage laughing all the way to Arron Banks.

As the Brexit Party’s jubilant leader said on Monday: “If we don’t leave [the EU] by October 31 then I believe we can produce a result in the next General Election that will stun them.”

Indeed they could. Labour and Tories — you have been warned.

Get your act together or Lorraine et al will vote for a party they feel is actually listening to them.

Feisty Susanna is without peers

THE former headmistress of the private St Paul’s Girls’ School has written a book called The Making Of Her, which, among other things, defends single-sex education.

She says that it allows girls to flourish without the experience of having to defer to loudly expressed male opinion.

Susanna Reid on the red carpet with Piers Morgan – on GMB the former St Paul’s pupil deploys the skill of ‘deferring to loudly expressed male opinion’
Rex Features

A life skill now being deployed to great effect by former St Paul’s pupil Susanna Reid every Monday to Wednesday on GMB.

Countdown co-mum-drum

COUNTDOWN maths whizz Rachel Riley announced her pregnancy with a conundrum – “rtinymate”.
Which, apparently, is an anagram of the word maternity.

Countdown maths whizz Rachel Riley announces her pregnancy with an anagram on the show

I came up with Earn My T*t.

Which might explain why I was so bad at breastfeeding.

Seann’s an odd pucker

SEANN Walsh’s new girlfriend is a dead ringer for his former Strictly partner Katya Jones.

The snog doesn’t quite match up though.

Strictly love-rat Seann Walsh and his Katya Jones-lookalike girlfriend Grace Adderley in an awkward clinch
©2019 New Media Images – SB

The way they’re both avoiding eye contact and staring into the middle distance suggests his relationship with dance teacher Grace Adderley is as lacklustre as Ann Widdecombe’s samba.

Act normal

REGULAR readers of this column will know that I have long advocated the mindset that those who deliberately draw attention to themselves then bleat about privacy are wholly disingenuous.

So if you don’t want to be noticed out on the streets, then don’t wear a baseball cap and oversized sunglasses while ring-fencing yourself with four burly man-mountains.

Last week, the world-famous Rihanna revealed she’s been living unnoticed in London for the past year.

How? By behaving like an ordinary human being rather than a “look at me” global superstar.

Simple really.

Di-re effort

THE planned statue of Princess Diana has been delayed because her sons William and Harry are still making changes to ensure that it’s a good likeness.

A spokesman for Kensington Palace says: “This is not a short-term project – this is a statue that will last for ever. It is about ensuring that this enduring monument is completely right.”

A wax figure of Diana, Princess of Wales, on display at the Dreamland Wax Museum on Monday
AP:Associated Press

Quite right too.

The alternative – as illustrated by this effort at the Dreamland Wax Museum in Boston, US – is unthinkable.

Digit the delivery droid

FORD is developing a robot that can deliver parcels to your door.

Digit – as the droid is called – is reportedly so authentic that it walks just like a human, can carry heavy weights and navigate steps.

Digit the delivery droid is so human-like, but can it lob parcels over your garden wall and smash the contents to smithereens?

Ah, but if you’re not in, can it lob the parcel over your garden wall and smash the contents to smithereens?

Care home exposé

BBC Panorama’s shocking exposé of abuse in a care home must surely make the case for cameras in all such rooms, provided either the occupant or, if appropriate, a relative with power of attorney agrees.

After all, what would you fear most? A willing loss of privacy or the prospect of hidden abuse?

Saluting horror heroes

THE continuing inquiry into the London Bridge terror attack makes tough reading. But digest it we must.

To resist would be to ignore the incredible acts of humanity it’s so important to remember amid an act of such evil.

Kirsty Boden was dubbed the Angel Of London Bridge after she was killed while rushing to help a victim of the terror attack
PA:Press Association

Off-duty nurse Kirsty Boden, who ran towards the attack to help others.

James McMullan, who stopped to assist Sara Zelenak and lost his own life too.

Nurse Helen Kennett, who tried to help French waiter Alexandre Pigeard, who in turn told her to run as he was concerned about her safety.

And junior doctor Jonathan Moses, who despite being safely locked inside a restaurant, insisted on being let out so he could attend to the wounded and dying.

They, and others like them, all showed heroic selflessness and acted contrary to police advice for terror attacks which is “run, hide, tell”.

But what a conundrum it presents for parents.

One of those who ran towards the attackers and was badly injured told me that their mother was torn between a feeling of immense pride that their child had acted so selflessly and a deep-seated regret that they hadn’t sprinted from harm’s way.



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