Rep. Chip Joy: Cohen Hearing Was 'Swamp in Action'


Democrats, by bringing President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen in for testimony on the same day the president and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un were meeting, showed they are more interested in political theater than in doing the job their constituents want them to do, Rep. Chip Joy said Thursday.

“People back home are excited about what the president is doing, not what Congress is doing,” the Texas Republican told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “They want a balanced budget, to get spiraling healthcare costs under control.”

Instead, “what they saw yesterday was a bunch of games,” Joy said. “They saw the circus. They saw the swamp in action…I think they’re frustrated watching the Democratic Party pull up a witness like Michael Cohen who is untrustworthy by definition.”

He said he does think it’s important that Cohen said that there was no collusion with Russia, but there were several other points that contradicted his own testimony on other matters.

“We saw he actually testified there that he would be happy to hand over recordings of clients to the Democrats on the committee, notwithstanding the fact that he has a duty as a lawyer…to withhold that because it is privileged information,” said Joy.

Joy said he thinks the Oversight Committee should do its job, which is oversight and government reform, and if someone must come in to testify, to call in deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to find out what is happening at the Department of Justice.

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