Rep. Collins: Vote to Release Mueller Report a Dem Stunt


The House resolution calling for any final report in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe to be made public was merely “a political stunt by the Democrats who felt that they could divide Republicans into voting no,” Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., told Fox News.

Collins, who is the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said the resolution was unnecessary, because it “is nothing but simply a first-year law student’s restatement of what the regular regulations say that Mr. [Attorney General William] Barr is going to have to do.”

The House voted unanimously Thursday for the Democratic-backed resolution, a symbolic action meant to urge Barr into releasing as much details as possible when the probe is concluded and coming as Mueller appears to be nearing an end to his investigation.

Collins emphasized the Democratic initiative “was simply a stunt because they thought they could divide Republicans to make us look bad as not being transparent,” calling the resolution an act of nothingness.

The Georgia congressman said Democrats “have no agenda, they have nothing that they can actually put on the floor, so they wasted an entire week of the American taxpayers’ dollar to actually put a report on the floor that said nothing, basically except the same thing the regulations say that Mr. Barr needs to do so.”

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