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Revealed: How Hitler's plot to ASSASSINATE Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin was thwarted


Author Howard Blum describes in his book Night of the Assassins how Hitler ordered a mission to destroy the allied leaders after learning details about their proposed summit from his spies. Top German commando Otto Skorzeny, who helped rescue Mussolini, was chosen by the Nazi leader to put together a team to carry out the daring attack. Codenamed Operation Long Jump, Skorzeny assembled 42 soldiers, who were parachuted into the outskirts of the Iranian capital.

However, the crack team of German assassins was betrayed to the NKVD (pre-cursor to the KGB), who intercepted and killed them.

Mr Blum wrote: “Although the war is undoubtedly lost, the Germans believe that perhaps a new set of Allied leaders might be willing to make a more reasonable peace in its aftermath.

“And so a plan is devised—code name Operation Long Jump—to assassinate FDR, Churchill, and Stalin.

“Immediately, a highly trained, hand-picked team of Nazi commandos is assembled, trained, armed with special weapons, and parachuted into Iran.

“They have six days to complete the daring assignment before the statesmen will return home.”

The 42 German commandos, who contained Soviet defectors, was split into three groups and were equipped with Soviet machine guns and uniforms.

They had also managed to obtain British made bombs, which they intended to use to blow up the three allied leaders.

Two groups were killed almost immediately on arrival in Iran, while a third group of six Germans led by Rudolf von Holten-Pflug managed to avoid capture after being dropped in the wrong location near the city of Qom.

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Once again betrayed, the commandos chose to blow themselves up, so as to avoid being captured.

Mr Blum’s explosive claims are based on information from declassified archives in Washington, Moscow and London.

The Tehran Conference was the first time the US President met the Soviet dictator, with who he had been keen to meet face-to-face.

Stalin wanted his Western partners to commit to a second front in order to relieve pressure on Soviet troops fighting the Nazis on the Eastern front.

After coming under sustained pressure from Roosevelt and Stalin, the British prime minister eventually agreed to an invasion of France in May the following year.

The leaders also discussed the future division of Germany, as well as new post-war borders for Poland.

While Stalin wanted to severely punish Germany, Churchill called for restraint and outlined his own plan.

He told the Soviet tyrant “Our duty is to make the world safe for at least 50 years by German disarmament, by preventing rearmament, by supervision of German factories, by forbidding all aviation and by territorial changes of a far-reaching character.

“It all comes back to the question whether Great Britain the United States and the USSR can keep a close friendship and supervise Germany in their mutual interests.

“We ought not to be afraid to give orders as soon as we see any danger.”


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