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Richard Hammond: Top Gear star urged to sell his flashy cars in planning row over castle

Richard then told his co-hosts what he realised after moving in, adding: “We sort of moved in and it was very smart. We got my girls into another school, they said goodbye to their school, it was the end of their summer term.

“Weirdly, I’d gone out to walk the dogs that night and I almost wore this sort of leathery, cowboy hat with a torch on where I live. I suddenly felt silly,” he confessed.

“This doesn’t work for us. We don’t fit here. So the following morning, the removal guys came to take the last few bits and I said put it all back on.”

Despite his decision to move back home, Richard revealed his landlord on the new flat forced him to pay six months of rent.

“But, the guy I rented the house from in Penn held me to six months of rent, which amounted to what this was worth,” he said as he pointed at his Ferrari. “I mean, I wasn’t flat broke. I had a Ferrari, but I had no income to cover it. So I had no choice. It had to go. I had to sell it to pay the rent on a house I wasn’t living in. So, I gave it away effectively.”


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