Home Life & Style Rosemary Shrager health: ‘I’m extremely worried’ star discusses major health risk

Rosemary Shrager health: ‘I’m extremely worried’ star discusses major health risk

TV chef, Rosemary Shrager admits she is terrified about going blind after revealing glaucoma runs in her family.

Rosemary has revealed she is “extremely worried” about losing her sight after several close family members went blind due to glaucoma.

The TV star is all too familiar with the risks of sight loss associated with glaucoma more than most and gets regular checks after some of her relatives lost their sight as a result of the condition, a prospect she says is terrifying.

“There is a history of glaucoma in my family,” she said.

“My father, sister, grandmother and two aunties all had it, and as it is often hereditary it is a terrifying thought that I could get it too.”


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