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Royal bombshell: Queen’s reign ‘effectively over’ and Charles' rule is soon, expert warns


Andrew Morton, who has documented the history of the family in several books, suggested the monarch would be unable to continue her duties in lockdown. Speaking to the Telegraph, Morton confirmed coronavirus has “practically put Charles on the throne.” He also believes the pandemic has “done more damage to the monarchy than Oliver Cromwell.”

The statement comes as the Queen and Prince Phillip have been social distancing whilst staying at Windsor Castle.

The couple has been forced to continue their royal duties via video call as the Monarch and her husband are both in the high-risk category for contracting the virus.

Morton spoke about the reality the Queen is likely to face because of the pandemic and although she would like to start meeting people again, he expects it will not be possible.

Morton said: “The brutal truth is that her reign is effectively over.

Nadia Taylor, one of the carers who looks after her mother, father, husband and daughter, explained the Queen asked a variety of questions about their situations.

She said: “The call was about 45 minutes and the Queen was on for about 20 minutes of that.

She asked us all questions.

We talked about how we are all coping in the current climate with Covid-19.

I explained to her how much more isolated carers are at the moment.

Many don’t have laptops or tablets and feel very cut off.”


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