Home News Royal Family fury: Princess Diana's brutal 'snub' left Sarah Ferguson feeling 'worthless'

Royal Family fury: Princess Diana's brutal 'snub' left Sarah Ferguson feeling 'worthless'


Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana’s relationship faced difficulties during their time in the Royal Family. Channel 5’s documentary, Fergie Vs Diana: Royal Wives at War, focussed on the turbulent moments during their friendship. Two major snubs before Princess Diana married Prince Charles resulted in Sarah Ferguson feeling “worthless” according to royal commentators.

The narrator Glynis Barber said: “Diana intended on bringing Fergie into her royal circle by having her take on the role of Lady-in-Waiting.

“But the decision was taken out of Princess Diana’s hands.”

Royal commentator Lizzie Cundy noted this was one of the issues that caused tension on the pair’s relationship.

Ms Cundy said: “Sarah was told that she was actually unsuitable to be Diana’s Lady-in-Waiting.

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“This was a huge blow to Sarah.

“I think the Royal Family felt Sarah wasn’t posh enough.”

The royal commentator added that while Princess Diana was upset, Sarah Ferguson expected her to fight for her corner.

Ms Cundy said: “Diana was actually quite upset about this.

“It is really the aristocratic version of the traditional reception.”

Royal author and expert Tom Quin reflected on how this revelation made Sarah Ferguson feel.

He said: “I think Fergie was astonished to discover that she wasn’t being invited to the wedding breakfast.”

Ms Cundy closed by saying: “I don’t think Princess Diana ever realised how hurt Fergie was by this decision.”


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