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Royal fury: How Edward's project close to his heart omitted key details about rocky past


Prince Edward took an unsuspected route in his career as a member of the Royal Family. The young royal took up the challenge of creating and presenting documentaries about the Royal Family, most notably Edward on Edward. Channel 5’s royal documentary, Edward and Sophie: The Reluctant Royals, reflected on the criticism the Prince received for omitting details on the abdication crisis of King Edward VIII.

Royal commentator Richard Kay said: “Prince Edward was determined to make it.

“He felt that this was his calling and he found an affinity with making films.

“He wasn’t the easiest person in front of the camera as he could be a bit wooden.”

On the documentary Edward on Edward, royal commentators also reflected on the criticism Prince Edward received regarding the details of controversial issues within the Royal Family.

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The narrator Glynis Barber said: “Prince Edward’s films were well received and praised for investigating the Duke of Windsor’s private writings.

“But some critics felt Edward had been too diplomatic in his handling of issues that were still highly sensitive to his immediate family.”

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward agreed and noted Prince Edward faced strong criticism for sidestepping certain issues.

She said: “Prince Edward did miss out the most important thing.

He said: “The Queen mother has been quite happy I have been doing these programmes.

“It is not true at all that the Queen mother was bitter towards Wallis Simpson.

“She was not bitter to Wallis at all, she was just put into an impossible position like everyone else.”

“This is because he married a divorcee.”


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