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Royal heartbreak: Prince William's brutal snub to Princess Diana forced Harry to intervene


During Channel 5’s royal documentary ‘William and Kate: Too Good To Be True’ Rebecca English and royal biographer Anna Pasternak discussed Prince William’s awareness of the fact he would be King in the future. Ms English stated that Prince Harry would jokingly offer to take on the role if Prince William did not want to be King.   


Ms Pasternak said regarding Prince William: “Very early on he would have had a potent sense of his destiny.

“He would have known that one day he was due to become King.”

Ms English added: “He often used to say to his mother he didn’t really want to be King.

“His brother Harry would interject and say ‘well I’ll have the job then if you don’t want it’.”

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Last month it was revealed that Prince Harry and Prince William were involved in a “constant battle” when they were younger by a former royal chef.

Darren McGrady was the personal chef to Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry during his 15 years in the royal kitchen.

Mr McGrady told Delish that Princess Diana and the Princes’ nanny would constantly battle over whether William and Harry should eat their greens. 

Mr McGrady said: “They were pretty good, they never really left food at all.

“They have got to have their cabbage, they have got to have their broccoli.

“Princess Diana was if they don’t want that they don’t have to eat it, they can go straight to burgers, hotdogs, things like that.

“If they wanted to skip that all together they could just have pudding.

“She was a real mum.”


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