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Royal loophole: One way Queen could attend Royal Ascot without breaking lockdown rules


Queen Elizabeth II, 94, has been staying at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip, 98, since March. The Queen is an avid fan of horse racing and will be delighted Royal Ascot 2020 is able to go ahead this year, albeit behind doors. The five-day racing festival kicks off on Tuesday, June 16 and will be closed to the public. However, it is feasible the Queen could sneak onto the racecourse without breaching lockdown.

The Queen owns Ascot racecourse which is a 20-minute drive (six miles) from Windsor Castle, where she is currently based.

Ascot racecourse is on Crown Estate land and was founded by Queen Anne in 1707.

Until 1945, the only meeting to take place there was the Royal Meeting.

While Ascot racecourse belongs to the Crown a representative runs the course on the Queen’s behalf.

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Although Ascot Heath is property of the Crown, in 1813 Parliament passed an Act of Enclosure that meant the racecourse would be kept and used for the public in the future.

While Royal Ascot 2020 is closed to members of the public there is a possibility an acceptation could be made for the Queen as the racecourse’s owner.

As Britain’s Head of State and head of the Royal Family the Queen is not deemed a “member of the public.”

The Queen has an exceptional relationship to Royal Ascot as it was founded by one of her royal ancestors (Queen Anne is Queen Elizabeth II’s second cousin eight times removed), and the event is held in honour of the sovereign to this day.

Bookmakers believe there is a chance the Queen could make a virtual appearance on ITV as the races kick-off.

Bookmakers William Hill are taking bets on what colour the Queen’s outfit may be if she delivers a message on ITV.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: “We understand the Queen has been Zoom calling other members of the Royal Family and we think she might just make a guest appearance on ITV with a welcoming message.”

He added: “We would normally be betting on the colour of her hat but any message is likely to be filmed indoors so we are going with the colour of her outfit.”

One royal commentator has claimed the Queen will be delighted by the new additions to Royal Ascot 2020’s line-up.

There are three new races whose names are tributes to the Royal Family.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told Express.co.uk: “The Queen will undoubtedly take pleasure in the special royal connections in the names of three new races being run this year.

“These are the Copper Horse Handicap, a nod to the bronze statue of George 111 on horseback at the end of Long Walk in Windsor, the Golden Gates Handicap, named after the ceremonial entrance point for the royal procession at the end of the straight mile and the Palace of Holyroodhouse Handicap, named after the official residence of the monarch in Scotland.”


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