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Royal reveal: How the Queen has instilled a love for animals in other Royal Family members


Her Majesty’s former footman and Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, said the Queen declared that her corgis “give me unconditional love” in a recent social media post. Mr Burrell took to Instagram to discuss the importance of pets in the Royal Family.

In his post he gave a glimpse into some of the family’s most cherished animals.

The caption read: “We are a nation of animal lovers and the Royal family is no exception.

“The Queen’s love for animals is well known and I witnessed this at first hand.

“It is a little known fact that she had an aviary of green and blue budgerigars at Windsor Castle.”

He continued: “This love of animals was instilled in Prince William and Prince Harry by both Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

“As the Queen once said to me, about her Corgis ‘they give me unconditional love’.”

Speaking in a video on his Instagram, Mr Burrell explained how animals were viewed in the Royal Family.

He said: “We had a saying at Buckingham Palace, ‘Horses, dogs, husband and kids’ and that was the pecking order.

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The former royal footman recalled experiences with the young princes.

He continued: “William and Harry were eager to play with Tigger and Roo, the Prince of Wales’ Jack Russells, and to ride their pony, Smokey.

“In her childhood, the princess had many pets, and she longed to have a dog.

“In the last summer of her life, we had made plans for her to buy a golden labrador, but that was not to be.”

Together with the video, Mr Burrell shared photographs that show some of the pets he became acquainted with while working for the Royal Family.

One picture showed Mr Burrell carrying a dog off the Queen’s Flight.

Another image depicted Her Majesty’s five corgis at the front of Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

The next photograph showed the Queen’s corgis at the front of Sandringham House.

A separate picture portrayed Mr Burrell on carriage duty at Royal Ascot.

The last photograph showed Princess Diana on horseback.


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