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Royal surprise: The sweet gesture Prince William made for a vulnerable family


The Duke of Cambridge has set up a surprise video call to the family who have been shielding for the past three months of the Covid-19 lockdown. The moment was captures and will be shown on the BBC’s The One Show on Tuesday.

In the footage, the Duke is seen in his Norfolk residence calling the mother, Leanne, and five-year-old Kaydyn, who has cystic fibrosis.

The mother was left in shock and covering her mouth as she connected with Prince William via video link.

The footage is an extract from a TV feature that focuses on vulnerable people who are staying at home during the pandemic and the measures they take to protect themselves against the virus, as well as the challenges their conditions represent.

During the conversation, Prince William asked the pair: “Is it even more hard and frustrating for you guys bearing in mind the lockdown is starting to ease a little bit?”

Leanne replied: “Yeah, and of course Kaydyn heard that on the news and he was like ‘Oh can we go out now?’ And I was like ‘no we can’t’ so he’s now like ‘Why can everyone else go out and I can’t?'”

The Duke said: “A lot of people will start to go back to work a lot more and we need to keep the focus on you guys who are going to be shielding and finding that very, very difficult.”

From the start of June, more than 2.2 million people who are deemed extremely vulnerable and were shielding from the virus were allowed to go out for the first time in months.

The allowance was one of several changes introduced by the government in an attempt to ease the lockdown.

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The Duke also joined a conversation with Arsenal football team players ahead of the return of the Premier League on 17 June.

Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, as well as their children, have been spending lockdown in Anmer Hall, their Norfolk residence.

The royal couple have been engaging in royal duties via video and telephone calls.

Prince William and Kate Middleton participated in a campaign to raise awareness during Mental Health Awareness Week during a recorded a radio broadcast aired across all stations at 10.59am on May 18.


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