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Russia v USA: Terrifying moment US bombers intercepted by Russian jets – PICTURES


In the images, the nuclear-capable Russian jets are seen flying incredibly close to the US military planes in the dangerous manoeuvre which can often cause “midair collisions”. Last week, Russian bombers strayed into US airspace.

The Defense Ministry of Russia defended the dangerous actions and said they launched the jets after air defence forces were alerts to “foreign states over the neutral waters”.

In a statement on Monday, they said: “On June 15, 2020, the quick reaction alert air defence forces of the Western Military District timely uncovered the operations of US Air Force B-52H bombers and reconnaissance aircraft of foreign states over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, following which they were shadowed by Russian fighters.

“At a considerable distance from the state border of the Russian Federation, the aircraft of foreign states were continuously tracked by Russian radar stations.

“Su-27 fighters of the Baltic Fleet’s naval aviation were scrambled to intercept the targets in the air.”

According to Russian News Agency, Tass, the pilots of the Russian plans performed flights in strict compliance with the international rules of using airspace.

The Baltic Sea has been an area of much conflict over the years and became a mass grave for retreating soldiers and refugees on torpedoed troop transports during World War 2.

Since the end of the war, various nations including the UK, US and the Soviet Union disposed of chemical weapons in the sea.

Earlier this month, RAF Typhoon jets were sent to intercept Russian planes flying over the same area.

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“Our Typhoon Force is playing a key part in support of the alliance’s air policing operations and our friends in Lithuania.”

Air Vice-Marshal Ian Duguid said: “Today saw the second RAF intercept of Russian aircraft over the Baltic.

“This remains routine activity, however, it must be stressed that the RAF as part of NATO are conducting these activities to ensure that all flights are conducted within internationally accepted aviation rules.

“When this does not happen NATO will intercept and investigate.

“I congratulate all of our deployed personnel in Lithuania for the professional way that they are conducting the mission in conjunction with our Lithuanian and Spanish Allies, they bring great credit to the service.”

Russian jets have often been accused of violating sovereign airspace in order to test response times.

NATO has come under increasing pressure following Donald Trump’s threat to remove troops from Germany.

Last week, Russian bombers strayed into US airspace but Russia insisted the 11-hour flight complied with international law.

The Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement: “Four strategic Tu-95MS missile carriers of the Russian Aerospace Forces’ long-range aviation conducted a planned flight over the neutral waters of the Chukchi Sea, the Bering Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the northern part of the Pacific Ocean.”

In response, the US sent F-22 Raptor tactical fighters to accompany the planes.


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