Russian cosplayer can transform herself into any character with her mesmerising make-up skills


A RUSSIAN cosplayer has won a whole host of fans thanks to her incredible transformations using nothing but make-up.

Jules Gudkova, 21, has turned herself into a variety of well known characters, cartoons and celebrities thanks to her extraordinary talent.

Russian cosplayer Jules Gudkova has transformed herself into a range of characters with her incredible make-up skills, seen as Emilia Clark in Game of Thrones
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova

The Russian singer now boasts over 82,000 followers on her Instagram account where she shares her incredible creations.

The Moscow based artist describes herself as a “Disneynerd”, so it is unsurprising her take inspiration from some of Walt’s best-loved characters when it comes to her cosplay.

Some of her most recent triumphs including Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Merida from Brave and Rapunzel from Tangled.

Jules also branches out into other movie franchises with popular looks including Jessica Rabbit and Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch.

One of her most popular looks has been her Jessica Rabbit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova
She looks the spitting image of Cate Blanchett’s character Hela Loki
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova
She refers to herself as a “Disneynerd” often emulating the princesses, such as Ariel seen here
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova
She impressed her followers with her recreation of Scarlet Johansson’s Avengers character Black Widow
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova

As well as fantasy characters Jules also has a knack fro emulating real life celebrities and even video game characters such as Lara Croft.

The Avengers fan has recently turned her attentions to Scarlet Johansson following the release of End Game this week – with her take on the Hollywood star almost a carbon copy.

In this impressive cosplay Jules recreates Princess Fiona from Shrek
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova
In a Cosplay double up Jules plays Rapunzel from Tangled while fellow enthusiast Oksana Alieva plays Gothel
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova
Another Disney conquest came in the form of Merida from Brave
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova
Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch will be instantly recognisable to all the film’s fans
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova

Commenting on the post fans of Jules were quick to congratulate the likeness to the American actress.

“This is awesome looks just like her” commented one with another adding “I thought that was a drawing! Amazing.”

A third added: “How do you do this, insane.”

With the help of cleverly applied make-up, Jules makes a convincing computer generated Lara Croft
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova
You’d be forgiven for mistaking Jules for the real Gone With The Wind character Scarlett O’hara
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova
Tim Burton’s Corpse’s Bride in brought to life thanks to Jules’s talent
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova
Jules is instantly recognisable as Amy Adams’s character of Giselle in Disney’s Enchanted
Bored/Panda/Jules Gudkova

Her posts now fetch an average of 6,000 likes as she often details the products behind her incredible looks.

Jules has now been cosplaying for almost six years with her first character being Vanellope von Schweetz of Wreck It Ralph which she has since reprised.

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