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Sadiq Khan's decision to board up Churchill statue sparks fury: 'A national humiliation!'


Sadiq Khan decided to hide Winston Churchill behind scaffolding in order to protect the British wartime Prime Minister from violent protesters this weekend. Last weekend, the monument of Britain’s war-time hero was covered in graffiti saying “Churchill was a racist”. However, the decision from the London Mayor has sparked an immediate backlash from senior figures, including Piers Morgan and Boris Johnson.

Richard Tice, chairman of the Brexit Party and a leading businessman, went to the boarded up statue to vent his fury.

He told followers on social media that the decision from Sadiq Khan was “wrong, wrong, wrong”.

Mr Tice said: “The greatest Briton, Winston Churchill, has gone. He has disappeared. He has been hidden, because the woke warriors seem to be winning over the United Kingdom.

“I say to the Prime Minister, to the Mayor of London, this has to go. Winston Churchill must appear in Parliament Square, the mother of democracy, immediately.”

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He captioned the video: “CHURCHILL HAS GONE: this is so wrong wrong wrong on every level. Please ⁦Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan, bring the greatest Briton back to the home of democracy NOW.”

Boris Johnson also intervened in the backlash, saying Britain “cannot lie about our history” as he called violent protestors who threatened to damage the statue “absurd and shameful”.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan also weighed into the controversy, tweeting a photograph of the boarded-up monument.

He said: “This photo shames Britain. The fact Sir Winston Churchill’s statue has had to be boarded up to stop people vandalising it is disgraceful.

The fears surrounding the fate of Churchill’s statue comes amid a campaign to topple dozens of statues over “racist legacies”.

The Mayor of London urged Black Lives Matter supporters to “stay at home” following the cancellation of their planned Hyde Park protest on Saturday.

The group called off the protest after claiming that “many hate groups” were threatening the safety of the thousands of supporters planning to attend.

It comes after the statue of slave trader Edward Colston was thrown into the river in Bristol during a protest last Sunday.


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