San Francisco becomes first US city to ban sale of e-cigarettes


The manufacturer called instead for stricter regulation and enforcement including proof-of-age identification.

Traditional “Big Tobacco” companies have increasingly marketed “smoke-free” products like e-cigarettes as far less harmful alternatives to the deadly habit they have long been peddling.

But experts point out that it took decades to determine that smoking tobacco – which accounts for more than seven million premature deaths worldwide every year – is truly dangerous.

The San Francisco ordinance text said that nicotine exposure during adolescence “can harm the developing brain” and “can also increase risk for future addiction to other drugs.”

It would introduce fines of up $1,000 for each violation by vendors.

Unlike an e-cigarette ban in force in Singapore, the San Francisco legislation does not restrict the use of vaping products – only sales, manufacturing and distribution.

Recreational cannabis use has been legal for adults in California since January last year.


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