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'Sanctions? No! Actions? No!' Guy Verhofstadt loses it in European Parliament outburst


The Belgian MEP blasted eurosceptic leaders across the Brussels bloc and lashed out against EU institutions failing to act against those who threaten the prosperity of the Union. Mr Verhofstadt urged European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to repeat her 75-minute state of the union speech in the European Council as he claimed all the issues raised by the Commission leader are systematically ignored by some EU leaders.

He said: “My proposal is that you repeat this 75 minutes of your speech that I liked a lot, also in the Council.

“Because let’s be honest, half of the issues that you raised are in fact blocked in the Council.

“When we talk about migration, the tragedy in the Moria camp, that’s the consequence of the impossibility to reform Dublin, to reform the migration policy.

“When we are talking about Belarus, it’s 40 days after this election has been stolen by Lucachjemnclp and we are not capable to put sanctions on the table.

“When we’re talking about Turkey drilling in the east Mediterranean in Greeks waters, no sanctions, no actions at all.

“When we talk about Hong Kong, words yes. But sanctions? No. Actions? No.

“And when we talk about the rule of law inside the European Union, let’s be honest, it’s five, six years that we are talking about that here in Europe and the European Parliament.

“There are no sanctions against these authoritarian regimes. So my plea to you is repeat this the fastest as possible in the Council and let’s make a pact, a deal between us, that that is the priority for 2021.”

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