SAS forces sent to ‘kill or capture’ ISIS terror mastermind al-Baghdadi


“We need to get him urgently to stop his poisonous message encouraging global violence”

Richard Kemp

SAS troops will link up with US special forces to hunt down the evil death cult leader following a series of devastating terror attacks across the globe. 

Sicko Baghdadi is believed to be behind a horrifying network of Islamists who are preparing to launch more deadly attacks in the West. 

It is feared that more terror attacks could happen in the UK under his watch if he is not captured. 

Colonel Richard Kemp, former terrorism adviser to the Government told The Mirror: “Baghdadi is one of the evilest men in history 

“We need to get him urgently to stop his poisonous message encouraging global violence, including savage attacks in Britain like we saw at the Manchester Arena in 2017.” 

Baghdadi has repeatedly taunted the West in a series of messages to his followers, including one where he claimed responsibility for the Sri Lanka bombings.

He is believed to be in the deserts of Iraq’s Al Anbar county, west of the nation’s capital Baghdad. 

A £20million bounty was placed on his head after ISIS took over large swathes of Syria and Iraq. 

He has been in hiding since the death cult went underground following its defeat at the hand of Syrian forces. 

A former Western intelligence office added: “Al-Baghdadi is a very important figurehead for ISIS and getting him is a very high priority. His leadership of ISIS has been punctuated with some of the vilest acts of violence against human beings by terrorists. 

“It would be good to capture him, but this may be unlikely given some of the areas he is thought to be hiding as they are almost no-go areas for western troops.

“Al Anbar is considered a fairly likely place for him to be, as well as some of the villages near Mosul, where he once ruled with ferocity.”


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