Savvy mum transforms her tired sofa for just £10 using furniture dye and chalk paint


ALTHOUGH there’s no denying a white sofa makes a chic addition to any home, they sadly don’t always stand the test of time.

Well if your sofa has seen better days (and had its fair share of red wine spillages over the years), then one savvy mum’s home dye hack might be about to come to the rescue of your living room.

Louise Marie Rodger

Louise confessed to Fabulous Digital that she secretly hoped to ‘ruin’ her tired sofa so her husband would approve of the family investing in a new one[/caption]

Posting incredible before-and-images on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, mum-of-two Louise Marie Rodger transformed her tired white coach into a chic grey sofa for just £10.

Taking just five days in total to complete, the Monmouth mum started by dying her sofa cushions using £5 Dylon.

Louise explained to Fabulous Digital how she put two lots of the fabric dye in a wash with her scatter cushions.

After this, she mixed a £5 furniture chalk paint from B&Q with water and painted three coats onto her sofa – being careful to let each layer dry first.

Louise Marie Rodger

The mum-of-two was blown away by how well this £10 hack worked[/caption]

Louise Marie Rodger

Mum-of-two Louise shared the images on a Facebook group[/caption]

But we know what you’re thinking: surely you can’t use PAINT on a sofa?

Well as long as it’s watered down properly, Louise found it worked an absolute treat.

Once the paint had dried, the mum only needed to iron it all and volia! A chic new sofa in a much more practical shade of dark grey.

Needless to say, Louise was thrilled with the results – but it wasn’t what she had set out to do.

The mum joked: “My plan was to ruin it so my husband would let me buy new sofas but it actually turned out amazing!”


The mum used Dylon for her scatter cushions[/caption]

  • Dylon in Black Velvet, £5 from Amazon – buy now


She then mixed this chalk furniture paint in ‘Graphite’ with water before painting three coats on her sofa[/caption]

  • Rust-Oleum Graphite Satin Furniture Paint, £5 from B&Q – buy now

Unsurprisingly, other members of the cleaning Facebook group were similarly blown away with the incredible results.

One wrote: “Looks like a complete different couch – amazing!”

“Wow what a difference,” another raved.

A third gushed: “Well done you!”

BRB up to stock up on chalk paint and revamp every piece of furniture we own.

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