Scammers are targeting my disabled uncle online — he’s already lost £1,000


DEAR DEIDRE: SCAMMERS are targeting my vulnerable uncle who has learning difficulties.

He is 45 and lives with his dad – my granddad. He started talking to strangers on Twitter and asked me how he could send someone money through his bank.


My disabled uncle is being taken advantage of by people online, who are now telling him to kill himself if he doesn’t send them money[/caption]

I’m a guy of 25 and had set up his phone and tablet for him, so he expected me to know. But I wasn’t happy with what he was doing so I said I didn’t know.

Then he Googled it and found out for himself.

Granddad got me over to check my uncle’s tablet and phone when he was asleep. The messages were horrible, saying he should kill himself if he didn’t send money.

A thousand pounds disappeared from my uncle’s bank account. Granddad is worried sick about him.

DEIDRE SAYS: All sit down together and explain that not everyone in the world is as nice as he is.

Show him sites that are entertaining but where you don’t share personal information.

My e-leaflet Staying Safe Online shows you how to set up controls.

Scope help disabled people and their families (, 0808 800 3333).

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