School sparks row after installing CCTV cameras in pupil toilets


PARENTS of pupils at a Halifax school are outraged by the use of CCTV cameras in the toilets.

Park Lane Academy, in Siddal, has defended the move after complaints flooded in, saying it protects student’s well-being.

Park Lane Academy, Siddal, Halifax, has had complaints about the CCTV cameras in the bathrooms
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The school claims the cameras do not focus on the actual toilets themselves, but the sink area of the bathroom.

But parents have taken to social media to debate the use of the cameras, with some claiming their kids have been victims of violence and bullying in the school bathrooms.

Lisa Corrigan, principal of Park Lane Academy, said: “The safeguarding of our children is our number one priority and to suggest there is any impropriety with cameras in toilets is misguided.

“Some years ago CCTV was fitted in the toilet areas to ensure our students feel safe using the facilities and to be absolutely clear, they are not picking up the cubicles or the urinals, and are solely focused on the sink areas.”

One parent criticised the use of the cameras, saying the children “would get more privacy in prison”. Another said: “I can understand it. If there is bullying go on and kids are getting hurt in toilets then it’s fair enough.

“Something has to be done to stop it. It’s just sad that it’s necessary.”

The school claims the cameras look onto the sink area, not the toilets
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