Scientists discover flower that MOVES its male parts over the female organs to self-pollinate


SCIENTISTS have found the first self- loving plant — which slowly rubs itself for hours in a bid to reproduce.

The yellow wallflower sets to work when the sap rises.

The plant, like sunflowers, can reproduce without pollinators such as bees

Tips of its stamen — the male part of the flower — slowly brush over the stigma — its lady bits.

That deposits pollen on the female organ and allows it to reproduce without pollinators like bees.

Experts from Stirling University and the University of Granada dubbed the phenomenon “anther rubbing” and revealed it resulted in healthy offspring.

The Erysimum in- canum, found in Spain and North Africa, also produced as many seeds as those cross-fertilised with other plants.

The Sun’s Gardening Editor Peter Seabrook said: “The world of gardening is fascinating and every day I learn something new.

“This is the first time I have heard of a plant actually moving to self-pollinate.” Study boss Professor Mohamed Abdelaziz said: “With the loss of pollinators worldwide, any plant trait that promotes reproduction is important.”

The findings appear in the journal American Naturalist.

The plant is believed to be the first found that physically moves itself to self-pollinate
The pretty yellow flower is found in Spain and North Africa


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