Scotland Yard claims publishing the full Henriques report could help criminals evade justice


Last week, Beech was jailed for 18-years and Lord Bramall, Lady Brittan and Harvey Proctor, who were the principal victims of his lies, have since called for Sir Richard’s full and unredacted report to be made public.

But in a statement issued last night, Scotland Yard suggested doing so could breach data protection laws and could also help other criminals escape justice.

A spokesman said: “Our considerations regarding publication include whether each of the numerous pieces of personal information contained within the report are suitable for publication or continues to fall within the protections afforded to individuals by the Data Protection Act,  GDPR or the Sexual Offences Amendments Act.

“We are also considering whether any descriptions of covert police methodology and tactics could assist criminals to evade justice and therefore need to be protected. Additionally some of the material in the report is subject to legal privilege.”


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