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SCOTUS agrees to hear Trump census argument next month

The US Supreme Court said Friday that it will hear arguments by the Trump administration next month on why undocumented immigrants should not be counted in the US census.

The high court will hear the argument Nov. 30, a month before the law requires state population tallies to be handed over to the president, NPR reported.

The population count will determine how seats in the US House of Representatives are reappropriated. The expedited hearing allows President Trump’s administration to make the argument before the court even if he loses the presidential election Nov. 3.

Since the first population count in 1790, the US Census Bureau has counted all people living in the US, whether they are citizens or non-citizens.

In September, a three-judge panel in Manhattan federal court voted to block Trump’s memo that would bar undocumented immigrants from being counted in the nationwide census.

The judges said that Trump’s memo violated statutes related to the census that require the secretary of commerce to “report a single set of figures to the President,” which includes the total number of people in a state.


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