Scouts in election row as leader quits after using boys to deliver Tory leaflets in spirit of 'Bob-a-Job week'


When the bob-a-job week launched after the Second World War boy scouts flocked to lend a hand in local areas, assisting where they could in order to earn a quick penny.

So when the cub scouts of the Lincolnshire 1st Marshchapel Cub Scout group were approached to deliver local election leaflets for two conservative candidates in return for money to rent an allotment to grow vegetables for a soup kitchen, they thought nothing of it.

However after local residents reported seeing young boys delivering leaflets for conservative candidates Paul Rickett and Daniel McNally in their bid to secure the East Lindsey District Council ahead of elections this Thursday, suspicions were raised over the legality of the commission.

One local resident, who spotted a boy “delivering election leaflets” said “he looked very young to be going around people’s doors”. “It is shocking if the Scouts were used like this,” they said.

The apparent recruitment of scouts to canvas ahead of the local elections comes as Conservative activists are refusing to campaign for the party due to the Theresa May’s handling of Brexit.

In a recent letter to the Prime Minister, more than 100 current and would-be Tory councillors said they were unable to gather the volunteers needed to campaign for the local election.


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