Selfish Coleen will be the Roon of Wayne’s football career


WORD is that Wayne Rooney’s decision to quit football in the US was to save his 11-year marriage to Coleen, which seems plausible.

After all, Coleen’s name is barely mentioned without the words “long-suffering” — probably in reference to her husband’s various high-profile indiscretions, ranging from binge drinking to threesomes and “granny” prostitution.

It’s Coleen Rooney who is being selfish by asking Wayne to abandon his US career, writes Karren Brady
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One problem with being one of the most talented footballers of a generation is that any slip-ups play out under a giant spotlight.

So a large proportion of the British public see Coleen as a victim because of all she has put up with. And then there is the other contingent who consider her a gold-digger because surely no one would put up with so much unless they were in it for the money.

Either way, the Rooneys are coming home.

Wayne’s signed an 18-month contract as a player-coach with Derby County and will start in January.

This decision will cost him millions, although he’ll still be earning between £80,000 and £100,000 a week, so they’ll probably survive.

Coleen, who has been keen to move back to the UK for the past year, has reportedly said that this is the first time in his career Wayne has put her and the children first. I’m pretty sure Wayne knows how lucky he is.

He is lucky enough to have been born with talent but he’s also worked hard to nurture it.

Lots of people see the money he earns and are critical of the “lifestyle” he spends it on.

No one ever thinks about the loneliness of being away from home and the sheer pressure he has been under from a very young age. All too often that kind of pressure leads to serious depression and anxiety.

And, based on personal experience, I look at the “long-suffering” Coleen with a slightly different perspective to some.

My husband was based at nine clubs in his football career and played for his country, Canada.

He spent ALL his time working, because that is what you do when you are a professional footballer.

It meant leaving me at the hospital to get home after the birth of our second child as he had to go to training.


It meant leaving every Christmas Day to stay in hotels with the team.

It meant leaving me at home with two kids under two — at one point for almost two months to play in the Concacaf Gold Cup.

Coleen asking Wayne to leave MLS for Derby is akin to Karren’s husband asking her to leave West Ham and run Crewe
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It also meant moving to different cities and living away from home, friends and family while I brought up the kids, so I was homesick and so was my husband.

But that is the deal — you go where the job is. And his football career dictated the pace of our married life for years.

Did I resent it? No. Did I need 20 holidays a year to get over it? On reflection, I would have quite liked a few more. But I had a full-time job, so didn’t have that choice.

Apparently, Coleen thinks coaching could be the making of Wayne and has told him it is time to grow up.

She seems to think he has been selfish in his career choices until now. But he has provided for that family, pushed himself physically and it has obviously taken its toll.

Yes, he must take responsibility for all his choices, good and bad.

But asking him to leave America’s MLS and go to Derby is akin to asking me to leave West Ham and run Crewe.

In other words, no one could argue this move is based on Wayne’s career.

And my view is that if anyone is selfish here, it is Coleen.

My wed alert on getting married again

YES, it might be crazy to marry after dating for two weeks (hot on the heels of a divorce), which is what rugby’s Ben Foden, pictured with wife Jackie Belanoff Smith, did this week.

But there is no accounting for the rules of love.

ben Foden wed Jackie Belanoff Smith after dating for just two weeks a year after his divorce from Una Healy
Ben Foden wed Jackie Belanoff Smith after dating for just two weeks a year after his divorce from Una Healy

My close friends got married after three days – and are still married 50 years on. They are one of the happiest couples I know.

But, also, why get married again? Once is surely enough for anyone.

NHS needs fix not just cash

CARLA Bellucci is the 37-year-old who boasted about faking depression to get a free nose job on the NHS.

Now the mum-of-three revealed she wants her 14-year-old daughter to go under the knife, too – so she can be famous.

Carla Bellucci faked depression to get a free nose job on the NHS and wants her daughter, 14, to go under the knife too
Rex Features

Her reasoning? Her daughter, Tanisha, isn’t academic and will need to rely on her looks to get on in life and “ugly people get nowhere these days”.

So she’s encouraging her to have teeth veneers, breast implants and a Brazilian bum lift (a procedure which currently has a death rate of one in 3,000).

I find her attitude so depressing.

But also, is it any wonder the NHS is facing bankruptcy when we are paying for liars to get nose jobs?

One of the NHS’s huge problems is the increasing demands placed on it – from fertility treatment, social care and dementia to obesity, diabetes, mental health and elderly care.

It doesn’t matter how much money we pump into the NHS, at the moment, it will never be enough.

It might be the world’s best care system but, sadly, it’s the worst run and needs a business overhaul – and fast.

Frankly, there is no point in throwing more money at it until it is far better run.

No trace of grace

LADY Colin Campbell has some nerve to say that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “graceless” and that their behaviour would have “appalled” the late Princess Diana.

I’m sorry, but coming from the woman who was married to Lord Campbell for a nanosecond, but still insists on using the title “Lady”, this really is the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

Lady Colin Campbell has some nerve to call Meghan and Harry ‘graceless’
Channel 4

This is also the woman who wrote in her book that the Queen and Prince Philip are “intensely sexual”.

Putting to one side how she would possibly know, that is such a lurid and distasteful comment and . . .  completely graceless.

To be honest, if she has ever even met the Queen I’ll eat my hat.

I hope Meghan can add her to her list of people she should ignore.

Any lipo suckers?

THE man who set up a crowdfunding page to raise £3,500 for liposuction, despite having two jobs, needs to take a good, hard look at himself.

Sam Barton, 27, from Birmingham, thinks there is nothing wrong with asking others to pay for something he really wants (and he’s previously used crowdfunding to get a pair of new shoes and go on holiday).

Sam Barton, 27, is crowdfunding for a £3,500 liposuction op despite having two jobs
SWNS:South West News Service

Meanwhile, back in the real world, lots of us would, of course, beg to differ.

The man has his own money and is asking other people to pay for his cosmetic surgery.

All I can see is a grown man acting like a spoilt child.

Why on earth should anyone else pay for his vanity project?

In hot water

I CRINGED reading about the woman left with burns after trying vaginal steaming.

The 62-year-old from Canada is said to have seen a traditional Chinese doctor for her vaginal prolapse.

He advised her to sit over boiling water infused with herbs for 20 minutes – which landed her in hospital with second-degree burns.

If you think steam is going to help anything, not least your nether regions, then you deserve all you get, I guess.

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