Sen. Perdue: National Debt Could Grow Another $10 Trillion


Unless something is done, another $10 trillion will be added to the national debt in the next decade, and “that can’t happen,” Sen. David Perdue said Thursday.

“Just two weeks ago, our national debt ticked over to $22 trillion,” the Georgia Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “Over the next 30 years alone, we have $130 trillion of unfunded liabilities of this federal government. That is $1 million per household.”

When President Donald Trump was elected, he said the economy must be improved, said Perdue.  An economic revival has started that could lower the debt curve by about $3 trillion, he added, but unless more is done, another $10 trillion will be added to the $22 trillion debt.

Perdue also commented on the end of President Donald Trump’s summit in Hanoi with North Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un, saying that while everyone was hopeful that there might have been an agreement and a signing ceremony, that probably wasn’t going to happen.

“I give President Trump and his team a lot of credit that they brought Kim Jong Un to the table,” said Perdue. “It’s a process. We can’t give up our sanctions. I support the president in that. We need to see measurable results, and I believe we will get there. I believe that North Korea and South Korea and the United States all want total denuclearization of the peninsula. And I believe that we will get there.”

He also said that if the incentives are strong enough, Kim will “have to” give up his nuclear weapons.

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