Seth Rollins picks the first BRIT to be WWE Champion


Rollins was speaking to Daily Star Online ahead of the WWE circus rolling into the UK in two weeks time.

The reigning WWE Universal Champion will making the trip across the pond for a series of WWE Live events and taping of Raw and SmackDown at the O2 in London.

Britain has enjoyed a wrestling revival over the past decade – and WWE themselves have noticed and moved in with their own brand NXT UK.

UK fans have still never had a WWE Champion or Universal Champion to call their own however despite legends such as the British Bulldog and William Regal.

The Beastslayer however said he believed Brit stars have a “bright future”.

And he named two possible contenders to become the first Brit to win the top prize in WWE.

“He may be a little dude, but Tyler Bate is great”

Seth Rollins

Rollins was pointed the finger at Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate when asked about the first WWE champ from the UK by Daily Star Online.

He also praised NXT UK, a WWE show made up talent from the thriving wrestling scene in Britain and Europe. 

The 32-year-old hailed the UK talents as “gnarly” strikers and said he was a “big fan”. 

WWE this year opened a training centre in London, with the first ever Performance Centre outside of the US. 

And the brand has even attracted stars such as Finn Balor to come compete, with the star battling his protege Jordan Devlin in Blackpool.

Seth Rollins

THE CHAMP: Seth Rollins is the reigning and defending WWE Universal Champion (Pic: WWE)

Rollins said: “NXT UK is loaded up with dudes who have got some power, some of the gnarliest strikers on the entire planet. I am a big fan. 

“He may be a little dude, but Tyler Bate is great and he is guy who I think has a bright future.

“Him and Pete Dunne obviously as well, they are just cool dudes and super young.

“They have so much career ahead of them, and they are already so far advanced for where they are at age-wise.

“The sky is the limit for those dudes.”

Pete Dunne

BRUISERWEIGHT: Pete Dunne is the lynchpin of the NXT UK brand for WWE (Pic: WWE)

Tyler Bate

MOUSTACHE MOUNTAIN: Tyler Bate is just 22 but already a top grappler with NXT UK (Pic: WWE)

Dunne, 25, from Birmingham, is known for his classic British style – being the reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion for an astonishing 685 days.

And his compatriot Bate, from Dudley, is just 22, but was the inaugual UK champ when he was just 19 after winning a WWE tounrament in Blackpool. 

Both are leading figures in NXT UK and are at the centre of the thriving scene in Britain. 

Rollins himself appeared at a US show of NXT last week in his hometown of Davenport, Iowa.

He got his start in WWE as the inaugural NXT Champion and was a leading figure in the early days of the developmental system.

And the reigning Universal champ didn’t rule out potentially going back to NXT for a nostalgia match – adding he is even a little “jealous”. 

Seth Rollins

CURP STOMP: Seth Rollins finishes off Finn Balor with a devastating move (Pic: WWE)

Rollins said: “If the time was right and the moment was right and the opponent was right, I wouldn’t mind tangling it up with some of those guys down there.

“It was nice to go to NXT Davenport and just feel the vibe of the live show.

“It was cool to talk to some of the guys and girls backstage and help them.”

He added: “The fact these guys and girls get the opportunity to do these touring shows is really incredible, makes me a little jealous – I wish had the opportunity when I was down in Florida. 

“It’s cool that they have these opportunities to grow and develop as performers.”

Seth Rollins

BEASTSLAYER: Seth Rollins has ascended to WWE royalty after his win at WrestleMania (Pic: WWE)

Rollins dethroned Brock Lesnar to claim the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania, earning himself the moniker “Beastslayer”.

Debuting back in 2012 as part of The Shield, he has gone onto become one of the companies top solo stars in WWE.

It was him who fractured the group when he turned on his stablemates Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in 2014.

The champ has since gone on to the become a beloved fan favourite and one of the top WWE stars of the decade.

He has won the WWE Championship twice, the WWE Intercontinental Championship twice, the WWE Tag Team Championship four times, and won the Royal Rumble. 

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