Shocking new footage emerges of Pakistan and Afghanistan fans brawling during Cricket World Cup


SHOCKING new footage of brawling cricket fans has emerged – as the ICC investigates the crowd chaos during Pakistan’s win over Afghanistan at Headingley.

The latest clips from yesterday’s frightening scenes show thugs wading in with punches near the pitch perimeter before a bin is hurled in.

Fans trade blows while others cower in a frightening flare-up at Headingley
Thugs lurched forward at rival fans before a bin was hurled into the crowd
Thugs lurched forward at rival fans before a bin was hurled into the crowd


Thugs at Headingley were hurling bottles, backpacks and even bins

A handful of supporters try in vain to quell the attackers, but some Afghanistan fans even tried to to break down the gates, pushing them against guards.

Earlier, a plane with political messages flew over Leeds, sparking trouble outside the stadium.

And flare-ups continued after the match, with hooligans captured on video throwing objects at each other in the stands.

Fans of both teams were seen throwing bottles, backpacks and bins, as well as trading punches.

According to Sky cricket writer Saj Sadiq, one bottle hit the glass front of the press box.

Reports claimed a number of fans were evicted from the stadium after scuffles in the crowd.

Others were believed to have been arrested by West Yorkshire Police after the clashes broke out before midday.

A video put on social media yesterday showed Pakistan and Afghanistan hooligans – wearing flags of their countries – throwing bottles at rival supporters.

Cricket hooligans were fighting and throwing objects at each other in the stands during a Cricket WC game between Pakistan and Afghanistan
Afghanistan and Pakistan fans were involved in violent brawls outside Headingley earlier today
Twitter / @SultanShah1
Cricket thugs tried to break down security gates at Headingley
Twitter / @MurtazaViews
A plane with political banners flew over Leeds earlier today

Others are seen swapping blows and kicking each other, some using security barriers and flagsticks.

One topless hooligan was seen being tackled by two security staff members.

The Pakistan-Afghanistan rivalry due to historical differences is still fierce.

And an aircraft flew over Headingley carrying a banner that read: “Help end disappearances in Pakistan.”

The slogan of “Justice for Balochistan” – the largest Pakistan province that borders Afghanistan – was also reportedly shown.

Human rights protesters say religious minorities are being persecuted in Balochistan.

According to the Pakistani Government, 5,000 people have been registered as having disappeared since 2014.

But independent human rights organisations say the number is much higher.

They say 20,000 have reportedly been abducted only from Balochistan, and more than 2,500 have turned up dead with signs of extreme torture.



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