Shocking pic shows how cocaine and other Class A drugs ravaged 53-year-old woman’s face in just six years


SHOCKING pictures show the chilling toll of drug abuse on a 53-year-old woman’s face in just six years.

Lynley Graham’s drug-ravaged appearance came to light in a mugshot after she admitted possessing a Class A drug with intent to supply.

A shocking picture shows the toll drugs have had on Lynley Graham’s face
Graham looks fuller-faced in a snap taken six years ago

Looking at the camera through bloodshot eyes, the 53-year-old has deep wrinkles etched in her ashen face and her cheeks are gaunt and hollow.

Her scraggly brown hair looks dry and wiry and she has deep shadows under her eyes.

The harrowing snap is a world away from an image taken just six years earlier that shows Graham with a healthy and brighter face.

She can be seen smiling at the camera with noticeably less lines on her face and her cheeks fuller.

Let’s hope some young people look at her and see what a life of drugs does apart from ruining entire families

Facebook user

Her plight came about after the mugshot was posted on the Humberside Police Facebook page – with many horrified users commenting on about the toll cocaine and heroin have had on her.

One posted: “I’m 64, I look young compared to her. Is she a lesson, perhaps, in what substance abuse can do to your skin?”

Another commented: “Let’s hope some young people look at her and see what a life of drugs does apart from ruining entire families.”

Graham was arrested after a tip off led cops to raid her home, where they discovered the haul of Class A drugs.

She was jailed for 18 months at Hull Crown Court earlier this month.

Many of her neighbours were forced to move away from the area because Graham’s behaviour was so bad.

PC Matthew Ainley said: “Some people living nearby had moved away because of Lynley Graham’s behaviour and the activities that were going on in the area.

“We want to thank the public for being so community spirited and for coming forward and contacting us. If you have any concerns about drugs activity where you live, please tell us.”


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