Shoppers complain that Mrs Hinch’s favourite £2.50 Minky falls apart after just ONE use


MRS HINCH’S favourite cleaning tool has been slammed by shoppers who claim theirs have fallen apart after just ONE use.

The M Cloth Anti-bacterial Cleaning pad, affectionately known by its brand name Minky, has become a cult item thanks to rave reviews from ‘clean-fluencers’ like Sophie Hinchliffe.

The cleaning favourite has been panned by shoppers

Last year, the mum-of-one caused a frenzy when she told her legion of followers the item was one of her secret weapons.

The mum-to-be from Essex swears by the green antibacterial double-sided pad, which she calls ‘Minkeh’, to clean surfaces in her kitchen and bathroom.

Shoppers flocked to try and get their hands on one causing the website to crash and the product to immediately sell out every time it was restocked.

But devoted cleaners appear to be getting fed up with the cleaning product, taking to private group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips on Facebook to complain.

Members of Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips group on Facebook aren’t impressed with the product
Many said they couldn’t justify the cost for how long they lasted
One fan showed how a new one compared to one that had been used

One asked: “How long do your Minky’s normally last you? First time I’ve used one today & it’s falling apart & £2.50 a shot is pretty expensive.”

While a second added: “I just don’t rate the minky”

Another complained: “I used them before Mrs Hinch made them popular and they were really good but what customers are receiving now isn’t the product Mrs Hinch is promoting.

“I have bought B&M Scrub Buddies and they were better quality than the Minkys I received.”

“It’s just giving Minky and Mrs Hinch a bad reputation for promoting a product and then receiving something that’s badly made.”


Sophie’s power on Instagram has caused a huge spike in the sales of some cleaning products
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After she revealed how much she loved Minky’s cloth it sold out and is now rationed to three per customer
Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

Mrs Hinch is the UK’s highest earning “cleanfluencer”, making an average of £4,900 per post on the site. It is estimated the new mum is worth around £1million.

However earlier this month Fabulous revealed the star was under investigation by the advertising watchdog for plugging Flash and Febreze. It is thought she did not make it clear she was being paid by makers Procter & Gamble.

Before the probe, she was given advice by the Advertising Standards Authority on two occasions, in October and March, on how to stick to the rules.

They state influencers must make it “instantly recognisable” they have got something in return for agreeing to plug a product.

The Sun Online has contacted Minky for a comment.



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