Sick child abuse pictures so widely shared online victims are being stalked by paedos


IMAGES of child sex abuse victims are becoming so widely shared online they are now being stalked by paedophiles, a leading expert has claimed.

The international child protection supremo warned a shocking legal loophole means some sickening abuse photos are being left online for years.

Some sickening abuse images are being left on the internet for years
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Some sickening abuse images are being left on the internet for years[/caption]

Lianna McDonald, of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, revealed victims are now being hunted down by deviants who have seen images of them being abused online when they were younger.

Ms McDonald, in London this week to meet Government and industry figures, made her claims in the Sunday Telegraph.

She said: “We did a survey with 150 survivors around the world and 70 per cent of them had a deep fear of being recognised, and some are.

“In fact we have some of our survivors who are stalked online because of the abuse, (paedophiles) are trying to find out where they are. It is an ongoing victimisation.”

The problem was highlighted partly thanks to a technology called Project Arachnid which scours the internet to find abuse images.

Ms McDonald said at the moment not every abuse image is removed from the web as only images of actual abuse are deemed illegal.

That means some companies and web servers refuse to remove stills or images from abuse videos that do not clearly show the abuse.

“We have really raising this point with the UK Government and their online harms paper,” said Ms McDonald.

“All those pictures should be taken down as it is very traumatising.”


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