Sick video of hunters shooting a charging lion dead sparks outrage as Ricky Gervais brands them ‘useless c*** cluster’


A SICK video of vile trophy hunters shooting a charging lion to its death has sparked outrage on after Ricky Gervais branded the poachers “useless c***-cluster of the day”.

The horrific 30-second video showed a group of around ten men in a hunting party all aiming their rifles at the charging feline.


The vile video sparked outrage on Twitter[/caption]


Other trophy hunters congratulated the lion-killer[/caption]


A group of men gathered around the dead feline[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Ricky Gervais branded the poachers ‘useless c***-cluster of the day’[/caption]

The clip begins with the lion running through the trees towards the men – possibly to protect itself from the poachers in an act of aggression.

As the lion neared closer to the group of hunters, one of the men shot the big cat with his rifle, instantly killing it as it fell to the ground.


The trophy hunter received a round of applause from others and several pats on the back from his laughing fellow hunters for his disgusting act.

The original tweet to which Ricky replied to said: “Please retweet if you think there should be a worldwide ban on trophy hunting.”

Ricky shared the tweet with his 13.4million followers

The After Life actor, who is an outspoken advocate for animal rights, shared the clip with his 13.4million followers this morning.

Useless c*** cluster of the day

Ricky Gervaisvia Twitter

The tweet has racked up a whopping 40.7k likes and nearly 15k retweets.

The video instantly sparked outrage in the Twitter community, as thousands shared similar thoughts to that of Ricky’s about the horrific act.

One person wrote: “This scum should be stripped and put in a cage with a pack of lions,” fumed one.

Another tweeted: “I’d like to see trophy hunting of trophy hunters.”

While a third said: “Big hard men. Utterly gross, cruel vile tooled up killers.”

Last month, Ricky Gervais joined the chorus of anger after four calves were massacred by youths as part of their matador training last month, branding the bullfighting schools “c*** academy”.

Footage captured by activists from Animal Guardians and La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture Is Not Culture) show the bullfighters are clearly teenagers.

Some of the younger children were later presented with ears carved from the dying animals as a gruesome trophy.


The clip begins with the lion running through the trees towards the men – possibly to protect itself from the poachers in an act of aggression[/caption]


The hunter got a pat on the back for killing the big cat[/caption]


Others shook his hand to congratulate him[/caption]


People instantly took to Twitter to voice their disgust[/caption]


Twitter users were angry at the video[/caption]


Most shared the similar opinions to Ricky Gervais[/caption]


Many labelled the behaviour as ‘disgusting’[/caption]

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