Sink or swim: how Bangladesh is turning the tide against child drowning


“During the monsoon season I heard of so many children drowning near my home so it is so important for them to learn swimming,” said instructor Sabina Khondoker.

“It is not even about getting paid, the good thing is that the children of my village will be safe.”

Alongside the swimming lessons the partnership launched creches across rural Bangladesh, known as anchals

The anchals are open between 9am and 1pm after the CIPRB discovered that 60 per cent of children were drowning in the morning while both parents were at work.

A teacher keeps an eye on them and also teaches early numerical and alphabet skills.

Nahit Sultana is a teacher in an anchal in Rampur.

“I feel so happy to watch the children here and for the community it allows their sons and daughters to be danger free,” she said.

“The small honorarium that I get for running the anchal has also allowed me to pay for my son to attend a private tuition for his schooling so his future is brighter.”


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