Sir Philip Green charged with assault in US after allegations he groped pilates instructor


She alleged that he groped her on January 5, 2016 when he came into her studio as she was cleaning up after a Pilates class.

“First thing he does was slap my butt,” she said.

“I want to say it felt like ten times, it was probably somewhere between a six to ten. But it was like boom, boom, boom, boom, vigorous like handfuls, ten times in a row.”

She claims that the billionaire then demanded a private Pilates session, adding: “I need you to stretch me,” and asked her to demonstrate exercises on the equipment, before touching her inappropriately again on his way out of the room. “I felt disgusted and I felt ashamed,” she says.

Another guest who witnessed part of the incident is understood to have spoken to detectives. Last month she told the Telegraph that she remembered Sir Philip “fondling” Ms Surridge’s bottom repeatedly as if “testing a piece of fruit”.

She said: “I could see his hand touching her buttocks. He didn’t just do it once, it wasn’t just like a pat on the butt, which would be bad enough, he would like pat her butt and then feel her butt and then he’d move his hand away, and Katie would try to move a little, and then he did it again, and then he did it again.”


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