Sky boost as new update could launch a huge challenge to BT


Sky is renowned for its range of broadband offerings that provide speedy internet to customers across the UK.

In order to harness Sky broadband either the firm’s Sky Hub or Sky Q Hub is required.

The latter is the newest router from Sky that delivers better specifications – overall the hardware is more suited to providing fibre optic broadband and supporting multiple devices at once.

While the Sky Q Hub is an admirable product, it appears the provider could be set to release a new router as part of an effort to challenge BT’s Smart Hub 2 hardware.

ISPreview recently noticed Sky has updated its help page to showcase a fresh device called the Sky Broadband Hub that appears to be a next-generation product from the company.

The outlet obtained images of the device in the wild; the product was shown to have a minimalist design and a variety of ports including two for a phone line and four gigabit LAN sockets.

ISPreview claimed Sky have told staff the new router is coming “very soon” and has been specifically engineered to deliver the firm’s “best Wi-Fi performance ever”.

It was noted the new hardware touts an additional antenna when compared to the Sky Q Hub.

This could allow it to deliver faster speeds as alluded to above.

Sky was claimed to be planning to deliver a new “ultrafast” internet package in the “near future” – those that sign up for it were said to receive a Broadband Hub.

Ultrafast was tipped to come in two different plans.

The first was said to offer an average download speed of 145Mbps and an average upload of 27Mbps.

Sky’s second plan was claimed to deliver a download speed of 285Mbps and an upload of 45Mbps.

Most notably, it was stated the provider would “position” the new router as being “comparable in performance” to TalkTalk’s Wi-Fi Hub and BT’s Smart Hub 2 series.

The exact release date of the new Sky Broadband Hub is not yet confirmed.


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