Sleazy OnlyFans app sees wannabe glamour models flog half-nude selfies to pervy men for £35


WANNABE glamour models are selling sexy selfies and videos for £35 each which features content deemed too racy for Instagram.

Subscribers on OnlyFans fork out to see lingerie-clad women to strip on camera – making way for a new frontier of people looking to make a living from X-rated work.


Every day Dannii Harwood rakes in thousands of pounds from pervy men desperate to look at her photos and videos on OnlyFans[/caption]

Rather than pay to view a porn website, people access content created by their favourite individual performers – either by subscription or to see individual posts.

Former care worker Lottie Miles, 23, from Staffordshire, was searching for a new job when she stumbled across the sleazy online subscription service.

Since joining two months ago, she has raked in £5,500 from taking selfies in her bedroom and selling them to her fans.

Lottie said: “When you sell your pictures, a statement gets sent to you, with a breakdown into subscriptions, tips and messages from fans.

Mercury Press

Former care worker Lottie Miles has made £5,500 in two months from taking selfies in her bedroom[/caption]

Mercury Press

People sign up to subscribe to their favourite performers on the app[/caption]

“The first time it came through, I was so shocked. I never intended on this being long term, it was only temporary until I got a new job as I needed some money to tidy me over.

“Now though, I upload every day. It’s pretty much a full time job.

“The timings are so flexible, I post throughout the day with content that has been taken in advance or sometimes, I’ll take it and upload it instantly.”

OnlyFans, which launched in 2016, allows users to charge fans between £3.76 and £37.61 to see each image, with creators receiving an 80 per cent share of any revenue generated.

Fans can also contact their favourite influencers directly to chat or request a specific picture or video.

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Lottie now sees her work on OnlyFans as a full-time venture[/caption]

And anyone who has a smartphone or camera can sign up to be an X-rated model within minutes.

While the website states users can earn from uploading “tutorials, tips or endless selfies”, Lottie insists despite her sometimes raunchy shots she doesn’t feel concerned about who is using the site.

And with just over 150 fans following her, she has dismissed fears she might be preyed on by older men – revealing her parents even know about her unusual new career path.

Lottie said: “Some fans remain anonymous with a randomly generated username but a lot of people use profile pictures and their names.

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Lottie charges fans between £3.76 and £37.61 to see each image[/caption]

“I don’t know of any older men that follow me – a lot of the messages I get are nice, people just want to compliment me.”

Without having a clear direction for selling her selfies, Lottie, who also currently volunteers part-time, is taking every day as it comes and does not rule out her new hobby as a career.

One of the highest paid models on OnlyFans is Dannii Hardwood, originally from Wales, who rakes in cash from hundreds of men each day.

Sometimes she is dressed as a nurse or a dominatrix, but other time she poses in the nude.


Dannii typically rakes in around £40,000 a month for her X-rated content[/caption]

Dannii also hosts themed days like Mistress Mondays and Dare Dannii Tuesdays – which in the past has involved ordering pizza and answering the door nude.

Men not only pay her to fulfil their wildest fantasies, but also to get pictures or videos on demand, depending on their particular sexual tastes.

She also chats to her fans daily, learning about their insecurities and sexual desires – and they are certainly paying for the privilege with her typically raking in around £40,000 a month.


Sometimes Dannii is dressed as a nurse or a dominatrix, but other time she poses in the nude[/caption]

A woman previously admitted she earned £116k in two years doing strip shows and sex acts on Snapchat Premium.

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