Slimming pill offers hope for millions in battle against obesity


A breakthrough slimming pill which expands in the stomach could double the chance of diet success for millions of overweight Britons.

Experts said the breakthrough treatment is particularly exciting because the tiny gel balls – which expand to fill around one quarter of the stomach – have no serious side-effects.

They said the capsules, likely to be sold over the counter, could become “the treatment of choice” for millions of people attempting to shift a few stubborn pounds, as well as those with more serious weight problems.

Six in ten of those given the daily capsules in trials lost at least five per cent of their body weight, amounting to around 22lbs. The loss equates to around three and half inches – or two dress sizes for women.

Britain has the highest rates of obesity in Western Europe, with two in three adults overweight or obese.

The treatment – called Plenity – involves taking three pills before main meals, with two glasses of water.  The capsules contain tiny particles of super-absorbent hydrogel, no bigger than a grain of salt, which then expand in the stomach forming a gel, so that the person feels full.

Scientists said that until now, there has been nothing available which works this way.


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