Smart meter target 'impossible' to meet as installations slow down


The smart meter roll out target is “impossible” to meet as the latest figures show installations have fallen far behind schedule.

To meet the Government’s original target of having 53 million meters installed in homes and businesses by the end of next year suppliers would have had to have installed 15 million in the past 12 months according to Citizens Advice, the charity.

Instead, figures released yesterday show just 4.5 million were put on the wall in the past year, bringing the overall total to 14.3 million, meaning another 39 million would need to be installed in just over 18 months to hit the deadline.

The number of installations each quarter has fallen from 1.3 million at the end of 2017 to just over a million at the start of this year. Households can decline a smart meter and many have done so after it emerged the first generation meters often lose their “smart” functions after a switch of supplier.

Around 2.3 million are currently operating in “dumb” mode and a programme to fix this issue began this week.


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