Snooker legend Jimmy White lied about his age to pull Miss Blackpool


Jimmy claimed he was just 35 when he met Jade Slusarczyk at a snooker tournament seven years ago.

In reality he was pushing 50, but was keen to impress the glamorous beauty queen.

His fib was worth it however – and the couple have been going strong ever since.

The Whirlwind, known for his bad boy antics, credits Miss Blackpool with keeping him on the straight and narrow.

“He told me he was 35 when I met him, I didn’t even know who he was or that he was famous,” Jade, 34, told the Mirror.

“He told me he was 35 when I met him”

Jade Slusarczyk

White said: “I had this special feeling straight away when I met Jade.

“You have this instinct. Some people think it’s b*******, but it’s not.

“When I first met her I thought she was fabulous inside and out.

“I had an instant buzz for her. I never thought anything would happen, but having been friends initially we finally got together all these years later.”

Jimmy White and Jade Slusarczyk

COUPLE: Jimmy White and Jade Slusarczyk first met seven years ago – but recently started dating (Pic: INSTAGRAM/Jade Slusarczyk)

Jimmy White and Jade Slusarczyk

‘GET DOWN ON ONE KNEE’: Jimmy White and Jade Slusarczyk teased wedding bells in the interview (Pic: INSTAGRAM/Jade Slusarczyk)

The couple met at the Snooker Shoot Out – a pro tournament based around 10-minute games – in Blackpool.

Jade had started work as a walk-on girl –and said she didn’t actually know who anyone there was.

Both had partners when they first met, but eventually love blossomed and they started dating 18 months ago.

She insists his wild days are over and his kicked drugs and cigarettes since the became couple.

Jade Slusarczyk

GLAMOUR: Jade Slusarczyk is a beauty queen and former Miss Blackpool (Pic: INSTAGRAM/Jade Slusarczyk)

Jade Slusarczyk

WALK ON GIRL: Jade Slusarczyk met Jimmy White at a darts tournament in Blackpool (Pic: INSTAGRAM/Jade Slusarczyk)

Jimmy said: “People are always going to talk about the age difference, but we don’t care.

“We know we’re all right. Her family like me. Everything’s good.”

He added: “I haven’t been a raving lunatic, truthfully, for 25 years. The thought of the weekends I used to have now makes me shake.

“We go out and have a drink occasionally. We’re quite as happy to go for a nice meal and go to the theatre or something. We’d rather waste the hours that way instead of getting s***faced.”

Jimmy White and Jade Slusarczyk

LIED: Jimmy White told Jade Slusarczyk he was almost 20 years younger (Pic: INSTAGRAM/Jade Slusarczyk)

Jimmy White and Jade Slusarczyk

AGE GAP: Jimmy White and Jade Slusarczyk don’t care what people think about their relationship (Pic: INSTAGRAM/Jade Slusarczyk)

Jimmy went on: “She’ll tell you I’m like an old fart now. I have been tamed.

“My party days are well and truly behind me. If I stopped one person doing a line of cocaine I’d be delighted because it is the devil’s drug.

“My cocaine use was a f****** nightmare because I was always a massive drinker, and you could take cocaine and it would sober you up a bit.

“For me it was a wonder drug because I could go out longer. The thought of it now makes me feel sick.”

Jade Slusarczyk

MISS BLACKPOOL: Jade Slusarczyk still works as a walk-in girl for various sports (Pic: INSTAGRAM/Jade Slusarczyk)

The couple have been enjoying holidays in the Cayman Islands, where Jimmy’s daughter Breeze lives, Thailand, Bahrain and Gibraltar in their romance.

And Jade says Jimmy has helped her overcome the loss of her mum Glenys and her grandma in recent years.

The snooker legend added he was never worried about introducing his new missus to his grown up family – but said he was nervous meeting her dad.

Jimmy also suggested there could be the talk of children, saying “who am I to say ‘I don’t want them’?” – but Jade added he needs to “get down on one knee”.


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