Snoop Dogg under fire for 'nasty' post illustrating Paul Gascoigne's alcohol troubles


SNOOP DOGG has been slammed for mocking Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne and his alcohol addiction.

Snoop Dogg Paul Gascoigne

MEME: The two men are well known for their substance consumption (Pic: GETTY )

He posted a meme on Instagram comparing images of the two men aged 20 and 47. 

The text reads “alcohol abuse” under Gazza’s photos and “Marijuana abuse” under Snoop’s. 

The rapper looks healthier and more youthful in his pics, with the meme implying that weed is not as bad for your health. 

Piers Morgan did not see the funny side, tweeting: “This is nasty. Shame on you [Snop Dogg]”. 

Gascoigne, 52, has battled alcoholism and mental health problems for many years, last going into rehab in 2017.

Snoop, meanwhile, is one of the world’s best-known proponents of recreational cannabis consumption. 

He even runs Leafs By Snoop, a company selling medical and recreational marijuana-related products.


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