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SNP MP throws tantrum as he's left furious Brexiteers to be honoured but Bercow snubbed


Boris Johnson is expected to mark his first anniversary as Prime Minister by rewarding “Brexit loyalists”, including Sir Ian Botham, with peerages. The England cricketer and avid Brexiteer is one of about 30 new peers to be announced this month. SNP MP Pete Wishart railed against the report on Sky News, and pointed to the lack of award still for John Bercow as an injustice.

The former Speaker of the House was the first in his role to not be offered a peerage in 230 years, a snub which was seen widely as a revenge for his apparent favouring of Remainers.

Mr Wishart said: “This is just the most absurd and ridiculous political institution anywhere in the world.

“We’re going to be having a whole raft of Brexiteers appointed by the PM to have a part in our legislature.

“These people can now make laws, make amendments and initiate legislation. What’s his qualification? He’s a cricketer who supported Brexit. It’s absolutely absurd.”

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