Sobbing mum tell Jeremy Kyle her kids ask ‘Why haven’t we got a home’ after being left in water-logged house for three years


A MUM-OF-FOUR broke down in tears to Jeremy Kyle as she told of her hardship living in a damp home for more than three years.

Heartbreaking footage from the ITV star’s new show The Kyle Files sees devastated mum Michelle Fox sobbing because her kids felt homeless in shoddy temporary accommodation.

Mum Michelle Fox breaks down in front of Jeremy Kyle as she describes the horrible living conditions she has endured with her kids
The Kyle Files explore the shocking state of squalid family housing and the impact it is having on the parents and kids who live there

Michelle started renting with Paradigm Housing Association after her marriage broke down three and a half years ago.

She needed a new home for herself and her four youngsters but ended up stuck in a property with squalid conditions.

Michelle said: “The most overwhelming problem was ground water coming up through the concrete floor.

“You couldn’t wear socks because there were puddles on the floor – it was horrific.”

She said that instead of dealing with the problem, the association chose to “monitor” it for two years.

Eventually they agreed to replace the floor, and moved the whole family two doors down while the work was completed.

It’s got category one hazards which include damp and mould, falls between levels, [signs of] intruder entry, and excess cold because of the 100-year-old council windows

Michelle Fox

But several months on, they were still stuck in the temporary accommodation, with moving boxes filing rooms and stacked up to the ceiling.

Michelle, who is busy studying for a masters degree, had not unpacked because she only expected to be there a few weeks.

She wept: “The lowest point is when the children ask me: ‘Why haven’t we got a proper home?”

Wiping away her tears the brave mum went on to explain the new housing was fraught with hazards too.

She said: “It’s got category one hazards which include damp and mould, falls between levels, [signs of] intruder entry, and excess cold because of the 100-year-old council windows.

On this occasion we clearly didn’t get everything right.

Paradigm Housing Association

“We shouldn’t be living here, which is the irony of the situation.”

Paradigm Association said in a statement: “On this occasion we clearly didn’t get everything right.

“It took too long to diagnose the cause of the damp, to arrange remedial works and alternative accommodation.”

Kyle said the group apologised and agreed a compensation payment and moved Michelle back into the property before Christmas last year.

They added a “thorough damp survey” had been conducted to confirm the property is not longer damp but that there were some issues with compensation.


In another ” squalid” home investigated by Jeremy, an unidentified female resident was forced to live with a constantly leaking roof.

A steady stream of drips can be seen pouring out of a dark damp patch on the ceiling.

The resident says: “Sometimes all of sudden it will start raining from the roof – there’s water here, water there, all over.”

After exploring other cramped rooms in the flat, which had not natural ventilation and were branded a fire hazard, Kyle was left speechless.

Later he described the £800 a month home as “damp” and “so unacceptable”.

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The Kyle Files is on ITV at 8pm tonight.

In another family home drips constantly dropped from a ceiling
Shocked Kyle described the conditions as squalid
Jeremy Kyle’s new show The Kyle Files is on tonight at 8pm

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