Sophie, Countess of Wessex home: Inside the stunning mansion where she lives with Edward


Sophie Countess of Wessex married Prince Edward on 19 June 1999 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. They have two children together, Lady Louise Windsor, 15, and James Viscount Severn, 11. The couple are both full-time working royals and live near other members of the family at their home of the Mansion House on Bagshot Park. What is their property like inside?

Sophie and Edward live with their children in Bagshot Park, which is a mansion on Bagshot Heath, near Windsor.

Although members of the Royal Family are mostly very private about where they live, there are some things known about where Sophie lives.

The stunning property is a Grade II listed building which has gothic inspired architecture.

The property has been about since 1631, but it has had many renovations since it was originally build.

One year before Sophie and Edward tied the knot, the stunning home was leased to Prince Edward and it had a number of renovations, costing an estimated £2.98 million.

Of these renovations, Edward personally footed £1.38 million of the bill and rented the house from the Crown Estate for £90,000.

It’s likely the happy couple won’t be moving anytime soon as Prince Edward has since extended the lease to 150 years for £5 million.

The huge estate is an astounding 51 acres inside the designated area of Windsor Great Park and includes a stable block.

The house is near where their children reportedly go to school which gives another reason why they may be happy to stay there for a while.

The property is near the Queen’s home and it is likely they spend a lot of time together.

Sophie is thought to have a close relationship with the Queen and some royal fans believe she is the monarch’s favourite daughter-in-law. 

Royal brides often pick out tiaras from the royal collection, however Sophie wore a design which was reportedly commissioned by the Queen as a gift. 

The design had never been seen before but was thought to be made up of four pieces of Queen Victoria’s Regal Circlet.

Sophie recently re-wore the design at a state dinner during the US state visit to the UK.

The Queen was already showing her affection towards Sophie with this gesture and it also seems like the Countess kept the tiara.


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