Sorry Bob Geldof, Gary Lineker, Tony Blair & co, you can’t stop Brexit


FUTURE historians will record that, in the end, the British establishment could not stop Brexit.

Not the democracy-denying weasels in the House of Commons. Not the civil service nor the BBC. Not the House of Lords. Not Tony Blair and John Major and Gordon Brown. Not the Labour Party.

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Bob Geldof will find democracy is deep in the British DNA[/caption]

And not the combined might of Bob Geldof, Gary Lineker and the bloke who screams, “STOP BREXIT!” in Parliament Square from dawn till dusk.

Oh how they all loathed Brexit and everyone who voted for it! They truly believed that those of us who voted to leave the European Union were all thick, racist bigots.

There was never any real attempt to change the minds of the 17.4million. There were only sneers, jeers and smears — and the full might of the British establishment committed to stop Brexit from ever happening.

Brexit — a true Brexit — has not always seemed inevitable. There have been times over the past few years when the EU looked like the Hotel California, where you can check out but you can never leave.

Even crisp seller Gary Lineker’s opinion doesn’t matter more than the will of the people.

But in the end, it did not matter what they wanted — the elite, the ones with power, the pampered factions of the British establishment, who are totally accustomed to getting their way.

Because once the British people had made their democratic decision, Brexit was ALWAYS going to happen in the end.

It is more than three years since the nation decided to leave the European Union.

But it is only a matter of days that we have had a Prime Minister who actually believes in Brexit.

They truly believed that those of us who voted to leave the European Union were all thick, racist bigots

Tony Parsons

Boris has electrified Britain with his vision of a bright, shining future for our country outside of the  rotting EU empire.

My heart says Prime Minister Johnson will get Brexit done. So do the bookies.

He will probably need a General Election before Christmas to shake up the Parliamentary numbers, but Boris will make it happen.

But if Boris can’t do it, then somebody else will make Brexit happen.

Brexit is bigger than Boris. Democracy is more important than any one politician.

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Boris has electrified Britain with his vision of a bright, shining future for our country outside of the  rotting EU empire[/caption]

And let the record state: It would have worked the other way around.

If the British people had decided in the summer of 2016 that we were staying in the European Union, then no amount of bitching from Brussels-loathing old gits such as myself would have mattered a damn.

We would have stayed in the EU for a generation. Our current national debate is not ultimately about leaving or remaining.

It is about democracy. And democracy still matters here.

Democracy is deep in the British DNA, far deeper than in all those European nations where they have the national memory of a jackboot resting on their throats, far deeper than in all those countries where they have been invaded, occupied and tormented by tyrants.

That is why the British establishment, in the end, could not veto Brexit. Sorry, chaps, you can’t dial down democracy. You can’t cancel the will of the people. Not in THIS country.

The people decided

PA:Press Association

Despite efforts of ex-Prime Ministers including Tony Blair, there is a historical inevitability about this country leaving the EU because, quite simply, it is what the people decided[/caption]

In the end, democracy would not be denied. They could not reverse, overrule or cancel a referendum result in a country that has not been invaded for one thousand years.

The will of the establishment — all those ex-Prime Ministers, all those well-heeled big shots, all those Right Honourable members and ermine-clad Lords, all those BBC executives, all those crisp sellers and ex-members of the Boomtown Rats — did not matter more than the will of the people.

There is a historical inevitability about this country leaving the EU because, quite simply, it is what the people decided.

And no matter what the establishment may believe, the people in this country are not their servants.

Our great country is a democracy.

Now and for ever, the people are the masters.

And that makes Brexit unstoppable.

Liberal but no democrat

NEW Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson wants a second referendum  but admits she would still campaign to keep the UK in the EU even if we voted to leave yet again.

Oh Jo. You may be a liberal. But you are not much of a democrat.


IN life, George Michael treated Fadi Fawaz with a generosity that he did not deserve.

Fawaz repaid George’s generosity by squatting in the late singer’s £5million Regent’s Park home  then smashing the place up.

Now the cops have dragged Fadi out, kicking and screaming.

The property has been secured but worried neighbours say that Fadi could easily get back in with  a ladder.

Oh Fadi, you don’t need a ladder. You need a job.

And to stop poncing off the generosity of George Michael.

‘Eton boy’ a man of the people

THE Conservative Party is now the true representative of the working class.

Lefty loons sneer that the Tories are as riven by racism as Labour, that the anti- Semitism that is rotting Labour is matched by Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

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We may have an Old Etonian as PM, but the Tories are the party of the people now[/caption]

But a political party that disliked Muslims would not appoint the son of a Pakistani bus driver to one of the great offices of state – Sajid Javid as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

And a party that was inherently racist would not promote Priti Patel – the daughter of Hindu refugees – to Home Secretary.

And what a joy to see Esther McVey – who spent part of her young life in a Barnardo’s care home – return to the Cabinet as Housing Minister.

We may have an Old Etonian as PM, but the Tories are the party of the people now.

Autumn vote could be Labour’s downfall

I AM starting to look forward to an autumn general election.

The most devastating put-down that our new Prime Minister made in the House of Commons was the one aimed at John McDonnell.

“The Shadow Chancellor!” said Boris, jabbing a finger at McDonnell’s florid, furious face. “Sacked by Ken Livingstone for being too left-wing . . .  sacked for fabricating a budget!”

Like every bully who ever lived, McDonnell can dish it out but he sure can’t take it.

Jeremy Corbyn suddenly looks more like a candidate for a care home than 10 Downing Street. But McDonnell could prove to be an even bigger electoral liability to Labour.

If that autumn general election comes, the voters must look at McDonnell and ask themselves: Should I really trust a miserable old Marxist with my wallet?


INDIA has launched a rocket into space in an attempt to become the fourth country – after the US, Russia and China – to land on the Moon.

The UK is giving India £52million in foreign aid this year and another £46million next year.

Perhaps we should send that aid to countries that are not sending rockets to the Moon.

Or better still, help the needy in our own country.

No favours for Oti

THE new series of Strictly will be graced by another of the remarkable Mabuse sisters – Motsi Mabuse, Oti’s big sister, who is replacing Darcey Bussell when the 17th series starts in September.

There have been fears expressed that the new judge might favour her kid sister.

There have been fears expressed that new judge Motsi might favour kid sister Oti

I can’t think of anything less likely.

The three Mabuse sisters – Oti, Motsi and middle sister Phemelo – all danced their way out of riot-torn, apartheid-riven South Africa.

They are all dancing pros to the core of their being.

Bet your last sequin that Motsi will not do Oti any favours.


Rutger Hauer has died at the age of 75[/caption]

HOW sad to hear that  Rutger Hauer has died at the age of 75. Rutger gave one of cinema’s greatest  performances as the android Roy in  Ridley Scott’s 1982 masterpiece, Blade Runner. Despite looking like Billy Idol’s butch big brother.

Give us back the old Bond

THERE is an allegedly “popcorn-dropping moment” at the start of the next James Bond film when – after Bond retires – a senior spook says: “Come in, 007.”

And Lashana Lynch – black, beautiful and female – walks into the room.

Rex Features

Lashana Lynch as the new Bond… 007 is becoming licensed to kill joy[/caption]

But is this really such a shocker?

In the increasingly “woke” world of Bond, it would have been far more surprising if the new 007 was revealed to be a middle-aged white bloke with a pack of Viagra in his tuxedo.

The Bond films now forbid the term “Bond girls” being used on set. Daniel Craig calls 007 a “misogynist”.

Bond is certainly promiscuous, reluctant to commit and possibly a sex addict. But suggesting he hates women is just stupid.

Everyone involved with Bond 25 – the next film – seems acutely embarrassed about associating with the sexist old dinosaur.

Naomie Harris – so brilliant as the new incarnation of Miss Moneypenny – says: “The Bond of old, his days are numbered.”

Why so defensive? The greatest James Bond film of all time – Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes – showed a 007 who was being overtaken by time, his bones creaking, his body aching and his shooting skills not what they once were.

But Mendes did not have the craven virtue-signalling, political correctness that currently infests the James Bond franchise.

For more than half a century, millions have looked to 007 for iconic thrills, spills and entertainment. Sexy, witty, escapist fun.

If you want us to drop our popcorn, then make a James Bond film like that.

Because 007 is becoming licensed to kill joy.


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