Souness in on air bust-up with Sky Sports presenter Jones as Liverpool legend blasts ‘why are you looking at me like that’ during Man Utd coverage


EVEN Liverpool favourite Graeme Souness appears to be cracking under pressure in the title race.

The former Reds player and manager appeared to have an extraordinary pop at Sky Sports presenter David Jones following the draw at Old Trafford.

Graeme Souness launched an extraordinary rant at David Jones

Despite their dominance on the ball, Liverpool will feel like it was two points dropped in the race for the title after a 0-0 draw.

Souness, often renowned for not mincing his words, was keen to get his opinion of the contest across to the rest of panel.

After Jones asked him whether he thought Liverpool played well today, he responded: “I thought they did.

“I thought they dominated the box and around the 18-yard box.”

The former Liverpool man appeared to be frustrated after the 0-0 draw
He hit out at Jones for the way he was looking at him
Getty – Contributor

But just as he was about to make another observation, he bizarrely stops, stares at Jones and says: “Why are you looking at me like that? Do you not agree with me?”

Jones understandably looks stunned and briefly appears to stutter on his words.

He then looks across at the panel who are sitting in disbelief and mutters out: “I was just wondering whether they agree with you.”

Souness then adds: “It was just the way you looked.”

Jamie Carragher is obviously struggling to hold back his laughter as he sits to the left of the 65-year-old.


Moody Souness has history of letting emotions get the better of him and last year stormed out of the studio. 

It was after he took exception to being told he had a few seconds to speak before a commercial break.

The former Scotland international did return after the broadcast to apologise to Sky producers for his behaviour.


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