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South Korea's terrifying warning for North Korea to 'pay the cost' for attack


It comes after recent weeks have seen tensions boiling over between the twin Korea’s. North Korea has vowed on Tuesday that it will resend troops to the demilitarised border between the two countries.

BBC’s Laura Bicker, the company’s Seoul correspondent, reported that the Joint Chiefs of Staff in South Korea’s director Jeon Dong-jin had condemned North Korean military action.

They reportedly said: “We express deep concern that the NK military announced it would take action to violate the 2018 Panmunjom Declaration and September 19th Joint Military Agreement.

“These measures topple the improvements of the past 20 years in Inter-Korean relations and the effort to maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula.

“If these actions take place, the North will surely pay the cost.”

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They continued: “Our military is closely monitoring the North Korean military 24 hours a day and maintaining military readiness.

“We will continue to safely control the situation and efforts to prevent military escalation.”

Bicker also reported that Seoul appear to be going for a 3-level fight back matching North Korea’s three statements earlier the same day.

South Korea’s Ministry of Defence reportedly said: “If actual military action is carried out, the North will surely pay the price.”


It also follows North Korea’s explosion of a joint liaison office set up as part of a 2018 agreement between the two Korea’s.

On Tuesday, the state KCNA news agency said the destruction of the liaison office was a “reflection of the zeal our enraged people” felt towards defector groups sending propaganda leaflets into the North.

KCNA also reported that Kim Yo-jong rejected South Korea’s offer of peace envoys.

She was quoted as saying that South Korean leader Moon Jae-in “greatly favours sending special envoys for ‘tiding over crises’ and raises preposterous proposals frequently, but he has to clearly understand that such a trick will no longer work on us”.

The rising conflict between North and South has prompted international fears of a return of the Korean War.

A spokesman for the US state department said Washington “fully supports” Seoul’s efforts on inter-Korean relations.

They also urged Pyongyang to “refrain from further counterproductive actions”.

The European Union also condemned North Korea regarding their decision to blow up the liaison office as “unacceptable”.


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