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SpaceX astronauts – who are they? A look at the crew of historic NASA mission


His colleague Bob said of him: “Doug is ready for anything, all the time. He is always prepared.

“Knowing you’re going to fly into space on a test mission, you couldn’t ask for a better person or a better type of individual to be there with you.

“I’m just grateful that, doing something like this, I’m doing it with Doug Hurley, because he’s going to be prepared for whatever comes our way.”

He added: “One of the things that’s really helpful for us as a crew is the long relationship that Doug and I have had.

“We’re kind of at the point in our experience — whether it’s flying in the T-38 or executing in a SpaceX simulation or approaching and docking to the International Space Station — where we, in addition to finishing each other’s sentences, we can predict, you know, almost by body language, what the person’s opinion is or what they’re going to do, what their next action is going to be.”

Hurley is married to Karen Nyberg, who spent nearly six months on the International Space Station in 2013 and who retired from NASA at the end of March.

The couple has one son, Jack, who is 10.


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