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SpaceX launch mystery: NASA video feed CUTS OUT seconds after sighting of UFO closing in


The incredible sighting of a UFO approaching a SpaceX rocket on Saturday sparked a social media frenzy. The mysterious object could be seen flying at high speed towards the Falcon 9 rocket before abruptly stopping. However, the NASA live stream of the launch was suddenly cut just one second after the sighting, triggering claims of a “cover-up” online.

Footage of the latest UFO sighting following the SpaceX launch on Saturday quickly went viral, recording thousands of views across multiple YouTube videos.

One of those that uploaded footage of the incident was UFO enthusiast channel ThirdPhaseOfTheMoon, run by Blake and Brett Cousins.

They said: “A bizarre object is captured just when they cut the feed. They always cut the feed the moment something bizarre happens.”

Their video was titled: “GOT IT! SPACEX Cut’s Feed As HIGH Velocity UFO Displays Out Of This World Manoeuvre!”

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Blake Cousins said: “It comes towards the rocket and stops and moves back to where it came from.

“We have seen multiple reports of UFO sightings in the last week and this time it appears to approach the SpaceX rocket before quickly leaving.”

Brett Cousins said: “This is under intelligent control, it looks like velocity, and coming to a complete stop. What is going on with SpaceX and the Starlink?”

One viewer remarked: “Strange behavior. It is not like a falling star or light reflection. It looked as if it was flying by its own strength.”

However, sceptics said that it was either “a piece of space junk” or “space ice”.

This followed the successful launch of the 58 SpaceX ‘internet satellites’ into orbit from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The mission originally appeared to be scheduled for Friday June 12 but was pushed back.

Three more SkySats are scheduled to fly aboard a Falcon 9 in July.


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